I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science along with a Minor in Applied Mathematics. I currently work for Bregal Sagemount, an investment firm, where I develop and maintain a system used for finding potential investment opportunities. In 2008 I started an online marketing company, called Zedicate.com, which I still run today, selling various types of merchandise from many vendors.

My undergraduate career began as a mechanical engineering student. During this period of study I was part of a team of three tasked with designing a robotic machine capable of entering an area, recognizing predetermined objects, such as balls and bowling pins, and collecting them. In addition to exercising and developing my skills as an engineer, working on this project and others like it has developed my ability to both work as a part of a team and lead that team to accomplishing its goals. While studying engineering, my interest in computers began to grow, leading to the founding of my online marketing company. Zedicate.com is a network of affiliate marketing websites that I built from scratch. Creating this company and its infrastructure has helped me to hone many of my skills and develop goals and ambitions for what I want to do with my future. Having no previous training, I had to teach myself website development. This accomplishment sparked further interest in learning how to do more with computers, leading to the declaration of my degree in computer science.

I have a history of ambition and leadership and am very organized and detail-oriented. Having had a leadership role in nearly every organization I have been a part of, and even achieving Eagle Scout, I am very interested in being a leader and driving a team to accomplish its tasks and goals.

In May 2014 I will conclude my undergraduate studies and will immediately seek a Masters of Science in Computer Science. At the conclusion of my graduate studies, I will seek employment in which I will be able to exercise the many things I have learned in my fields of study. I have a wide variety of experiences that make me both a great team member as well as a leader capable of pushing a team to accomplish its goals. I also hope to continue developing my online business into a strong company that will not only support me but continue to challenge me to learn new things and work hard.